Are Electric Car Door Edge Guards Worth It?

Opening and closing your electric car’s doors in narrow places is a headache. If you are disposed to open the door swiftly, you may risk the pain of not just your car’s door but also the one parked nearby. If you cannot change this habit, you might think of the other way. This is where the door edge guards kick in. But their fruitfulness is a point of debate.

Yes. Keeping dents, rust, and paint scratches at bay, electric car door edge guards are worth it. But without proper care, this worth can be worthless. These guards do not protect if the impact is sizeable, and they may accelerate the wear and tear if not fitted properly.

What Are the Benefits of Electric Car Door Edge Guards?

Paint Protection

The primary purpose of a door edge guard is to protect the paint in this vulnerable area. Yes—it is a problematic zone because doors are opened and closed frequently, and they might risk an impact if anything comes their way. Resultantly, the paint will easily get scratched. The edge guard is a buffer that lessens the impact, preserving the pain.

Nearby Objects Protection

Opening a door when your car is parked in a narrow can damage nearby objects. Door edge guards do not let that happen. It happens mostly when you park your vehicle in a parking lot close to other vehicles. Whatever comes in the swing range of your car’s door will be at risk. If you drive a Tesla, you know its doors open fully upon pulling the handle unless you hinder them in the middle. Similarly, a strong gust of winds can also lead to the same. This can leave a mark, chip, or even dent on the nearby cars.

Potential Resale Value Improvement

Any signs of bad paint and damage on the door edge can reduce the resale value of your electric car. Using edge guards can preserve it. Besides preventing paint damage and dents, door edge guards can also fight rust and general wear and tear. In addition to saving your vehicle, you can also get rid of costly repairs.

What Are the Drawbacks of Electric Car Door Edge Guards?


Imperfect Color Matching

Door edge guards matching the color of the car are hard to find. You will get it if you are lucky enough, but you will need to find a suitable contrast scheme otherwise. This issue makes it somewhat hard to satisfy the owners.

Aesthetic Issues

Door edge guards protrude out to the door corners, distorting the original shape and appearance of the car. This is a problematic alteration for those who try to maintain the original looks of their vehicles. Similarly, the “bulging” of the guards can slightly change the airflow at high speeds, which may reduce the range in aerodynamically well-designed electric cars like Tesla.


Door edge guards need replacement when they get damaged. Unfortunately, such products do not come for free. Moreover, saying that a car will never face any accidents is next to impossible. In the cases of impact on the door, the edge guards are bound to break or crack. In such cases, the repair cost will also incur the price of edge guards.

Rust Issues

Aftermarket door edge guards can lead to rust formation if not installed properly. Factory-installed edge guards are well calibrated not to collect rain and dust. But the aftermarket installation can easily collect debris if the material quality is not up to the mark or if it is not placed properly, leaving huge space for water accumulations. However, the problem can be fixed with regular monitoring and no compromise on product quality.

How Much Do Electric Car Door Edge Guards Cost?

Door edge guards, both for electric and conventional cars, cost $10 on average. Those below this price range are usually made of thin and low-quality materials. Conversely, above that mark lie the guards that are highly recommended. They are comparatively thicker and do a better job of protecting the corners from impacts. But remember that regardless of the price, such guards fail if the impact is very severe.


How to Select Door Edge Guards for Your Electric Car?

  • Length: Measure your car’s door parameters carefully. Buy a full roll if you plan to install edge guards on all doors. Otherwise, opt for the smaller ones. Note that full-size rolls typically come in 32 feet, which suffices for all doors. If you choose a larger length, you will have to pay more.
  • Material: Rubber guards are recommended. Rubber is employed for guarding against impacts for solid reasons—they have a better capability to absorb stresses, for instance. That is why car bumpers are also made of this material. But if you are not able to find edge guards made of rubber, you can opt for other or cheaper material—something is better than nothing!
  • Compatibility: Make sure that the color and design you choose fit perfectly on the doors and do not look awkward. Also, note that the lesser the guards protrude outside, the better it is for the aerodynamic performance. If you have a hard time choosing the perfect fit, you can contact the manufacturer of your electric car to help you out.
  • Added Features: Some door edge guards come with additional benefits such as the capability to resist ultraviolet rays. Installing such products on your car is highly recommended.

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How to Install Door Edge Guards On Your Electric Car?

  1. Arrange a set of pliers, a lightweight mallet, and a cutter beforehand.
  2. Unwrap the edge guard. Use the cutter to tear open the packaging.
  3. If the guard is adhesive type, simply remove its coating and begin pasting it on the edges of the door.
  4. Cut the guard where the edges end and hammer the edges gently and smoothly.
  5. If the guard is cling type (having a groove that fits the edges of a door into it), open the door of your car and begin placing it from the bottom.
  6. Cover all edges and cut the guard where they end.
  7. If you find any iron material (used to maintain the shape, placed after a certain distance) near the cutting end, pull it out with the help of pliers or the guard will not cut.
  8. Gently hammer the newly installed edge guards to make them fit perfectly and not leave any space for debris and water.
  9. Close the door to help “shape” the rubber according to the door panel. Do it repeatedly for about four to five times.

Verdict: Are Electric Car Door Edge Guards Worth It?

Absolutely. Though door edge guards need proper care and do not provide protection against severe impacts, they are a cheap option for grading against the scratches and dents arising from the daily use of a car. Just make sure that you have selected the right option from the available products in the market, fitted it the way it should be, and checked it for debris and water accumulation occasionally—and you should be good to go!

It is noteworthy that electric vehicles are more expensive than conventional cars. Do not hesitate to spend on preserving your electric car’s appearance—it is definitely worth it!

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