What Are the Benefits of Antique Plates in Arizona?

You might have seen antique plates on various cars around the town. Many collectors have them attached to their bumpers, and several others choose to have them for multiple reasons—while some are simply deterred from having such an item on their cars. If you live in Arizona, you can also have antique plates on your car, but you need to know the pros and cons first.

Antique plates in Arizona offer a range of benefits not associated with regular tags. Namely, they lead to a significant reduction in the renewal fee, enhancing the resale value, exemption from yearly inspection, eligibility to enter car events, and the availability of these benefits for motorcycles as well.

Benefits of Antique Plates in Arizona


1. Reduced Annual Fee

Getting an antique plate on your vehicle is almost a one-shot job. You only have to pay USD 10 a year for renewal. Compare it to having a regular plate, and you are in a far greater benefit as the latter would cost you no less than USD 25.

2. Personalization Options

Do you want to give your unique historical registered car an enticing look? This option is available for antique plates in Arizona. Use your special initials in the number or mark any special day of your life on the registration plate. You can personalize the plate by giving an extra USD 25 during registration.

3. Added Value

Having any unique feature in a car makes the difference when you approach the market to sell it. In the case of antique plates, this unique feature is the ‘nostalgia’ factor. Though several other factors also determine the final price buyers will throw at you, they will certainly be lured to your dashing vehicle due to the added benefits discussed here.

4. Vehicle Inspection Exemption

Vehicles with antique tags only need a one-time inspection. However, this requirement might click in again if your car suffers an accident. But in the case of regular plates, your car might need yearly inspections besides the renewal fee.

5. Events Eligibility

You can easily get your car to participate in different vehicle shows, such as car exhibitions if it has an antique plate. This is, in fact, one of the prime uses of antique plates. They let your car join the events with minimal hindrances.

6. Motorcycles

Antique plates in Arizona are available for motorcycles as well. If you have an antique motorcycle, you can get the benefits of having antique plates, just like in cars. Note that motorcycle plates also have the optional disability mark, an added advantage.

Disadvantages of Antique Plates in Arizona


1. Your EV Might Not Get an Antique Tag

Historic plates are not for any random vehicle in Arizona. It needs to be at least 25 years old. If you opt for your electric vehicle to get an antique plate, you might not fall into this requirement, especially if you own a Tesla.

2. You Still Have to Pay Some Amounts Yearly

Arizona antique plate renewal fee is meager, but it exists. You have to pay USD 10 annually if your car has a historic plate in this state. Compare it to a few others, especially Arkansas, and you will find that these states do not charge any annual fee on antique plates.

3. You Can Add Only 3 Customized Characters

Some states allow up to 6 characters to be customized. However, as per Arizona law, only 3 characters can be personalized on an antique plate. You might not get the liberty of having a ‘fully customize’ license plate for your classic car in this state.

Requirements for Antique Plates in Arizona

  • A filled and signed antique plate registration form in Arizona.
  • The car should be at least 25 years old.
  • Vehicle inspection is a must.
  • The vehicle must be included in the list of historic vehicles of the recognized classic and historic vehicle organizations.
  • The original body and style of the vehicle at least 25 years ago must be retained.
  • Customized cars will not receive antique plates.
  • If you already have an antique plate and want to transfer it to another car of yours, you would have to ensure that the plate year corresponds to the vehicle model year.

Fees for Antique Plates in Arizona



Fee (USD)

Initial Fee


Yearly Renewal Fee (Payable at the Time of Registration as Well)




Note that the renewable fee must be paid in time to avoid any sort of penalty as per Arizona state laws. You must apply for an auto-registration renewal system to get your license plate renewed within the allotted time.

How to Get Antique Plates in Arizona?


  • Download and fill out the Arizona antique plate registration form available online.
  • Reach out to the local Arizona Motor Vehicle Division office and submit the application form.
  • Pay the fee. Pay the additional fee if required by the department.
  • Get your car inspected to verify it is okay to hit the road and that it fulfills the criteria for the antique plate registration.
  • Your plates and registration will be issued. Install the plate on your car and drive around.

Why Are Antique Plates Available in Arizona?

Antique plates are available for registering vehicles in Arizona because of their benefits mentioned above—most notably the enhanced value and the exemption from yearly inspections.

However, there are other reasons that motivate the public to get such plates. For instance, if the car had been involved in some historic event, the owner might consider getting it an antique plate to preserve its glory. Similarly, some states do not allow vehicles to drive more than a certain distance. This leads to the betterment of the environment.

How to Preserve the Beauty of Your Antique Car in Arizona?

Arizona has a semi-arid climate, and the weather is mostly sunny. It becomes especially important to protect your antique car’s paint from blowing sand, sun rays, acid rain, and bird dropping in such an environment. Doing so will preserve its historical looks.


  • Use Car Covers: When idle, consider covering your car to avoid sun rays, bird droppings, and hard sand hitting the body. This will preserve the pain for a long and would not allow rainfall—especially if it is acidic—to make any direct contact.
  • Use Shades: Even if you rarely take your car outside, always seek shade when you choose to park it. Remember, sunlight and direct ultraviolet rays are extremely hazardous to the paint.
  • Apply Wax: Waxing your car will preserve the paint for a long. Besides, it will cause a long-lasting shine and will not let scratches appear.
  • Apply Paint Sealants: A paint sealant on your antique car can significantly help. However, note that doing so can lead to more highlighted scratches and defects.
  • Wash Regularly: Washing can eliminate bird droppings and dirt in your car. If you choose to wash your vehicle from the bottom, you will save the precious suspension system from rust and wearing out.
  • Engine Care: Keep your car’s radiator topped up with a good quality coolant. You surely do not need to blow it out of the Arizona heat!

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Concluding Remarks: What Are the Benefits of Antique Plates in Arizona?

The benefits of antique plates in Arizona refer to the reduced renewal fee, enhanced resale value, exemption from yearly inspection, eligibility to enter car events, and the availability of these advantages for motorcycles. But there are also some downsides: the availability of electric vehicles and limited customization stand out. However, the requirements and fees are not much, and you can easily apply for one. Just make sure you protect your historical piece from the harsh Arizona weather!

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