Can a Tesla Use Porsche Charger?

Are you a Tesla owner looking for a new way to power up your vehicle on the road? With the electric vehicle market projected to reach $1.1 trillion by 2030, the demand for charging infrastructure is greater than ever before. But what if you could use a Porsche charger to keep your Tesla charged and ready to go? In this article, we dive into the exciting world of electric vehicle charging and explore whether Tesla owners can use Porsche chargers to fuel their rides. Get ready to discover new and innovative ways to keep your electric vehicle powered up and on the move!

Yes, a Tesla can use a Porsche charger. Porsche electric cars employ J1772 and CCS Combo chargers to do the job. With suitable adapters, these connectors can be converted into Tesla-specific chargers.

Porsche Charger for Tesla Cars: An Explanation

Porsche chargers are compatible with Teslas—thanks to standard connectors, ports, and adapters. The Porsche Taycan comes with the option of using the J1772 AC (for level 2) and CCS Combo (for level 3) charging plugs. While Tesla cars vary in the type of charging ports they have depending upon the geographical location, they definitely have the unique Tesla connector port. Fortunately, special adapters/converters are available worldwide and in online markets that can be used to mount the types of chargers Porsche uses. For instance, J1772 to Tesla adapters are available that have the Tesla male side and J1772 female side. The same goes for the CCS Combo to Tesla adapter.


How to Charge Your Tesla Using Adapters?

  1. Locate a suitable charging station with a J1772 or CCS Combo connector. You can find charging stations using a variety of apps and websites. If you have a Porsche charging station nearby, you can go for it too.
  2. Uncoil the charging cable and plug the J1772 or CCS Combo connector into the adapter.
  3. Insert the adapter into the Tesla’s charging port, which is typically located on the rear driver’s side of the vehicle (Note that the exact location depends upon your geographical location)
  4. Ensure the adapter is properly seated in the charging port by listening for a click or ensuring that the adapter is not loose.
  5. Activate the charging session and make sure that it is working.
  6. Monitor the charging progress using the Tesla mobile app, which will display the charging rate, time remaining, and estimated range once the charging session is complete.

Is There Any Benefit of Using a Porsche Charger for My Tesla?


Tesla owners can benefit from using a Porsche charger with an appropriate adapter, as it expands their charging options and offers greater convenience. By using a Porsche charger, Tesla owners can access a wider range of charging options beyond the Tesla Supercharger network. This flexibility can be particularly useful during long road trips or when traveling to areas where Superchargers may be scarce. Moreover, having more charging options available means that Tesla owners won’t necessarily need to plan their routes around Superchargers or wait in line at busy charging stations, making their journey more convenient and stress-free. Overall, the ability to use a Porsche charger with an adapter provides Tesla owners with greater autonomy and flexibility when it comes to charging their vehicles.

How Long Does It Take to Top Up a Tesla Using a Porsche Charger?

The charging time for a Tesla using a Porsche charger varies depending on the level of charging used. Level 2 charging can take up to 12 hours on average to fully charge a Tesla, as these stations typically provide a maximum output of 240 volts and 60 amperes, which is slower than Level 3 charging. 

In contrast, Level 3 charging stations use a DC charging method that enables Teslas to charge much faster, up to 80% of total charging capacity in just 30 minutes. This is possible because Level 3 charging stations provide much higher output power, with maximum charging rates ranging from 480 to 900 volts. Ultimately, the time it takes to charge a Tesla using a Porsche charger depends on the charging level available, with Level 3 charging offering significantly faster charging times than Level 2.


Note that the exact charging time will depend on various factors, including the age of the battery, the specific charging station being used, and the temperature of the ambience.

Why Is There No Standard Charger for Electric Vehicles?

Although electric vehicles have standard charger plugs such as J1772, CHAdEMO, and others, the variety of charging technologies is significant enough to prevent them from being classified as truly standard. Most electric vehicle manufacturers have their own charging technology and infrastructure, which makes it challenging to develop a universal charging standard.

Similarly, despite efforts to develop a standard charging interface for mobile phones, there are still different charger types in use. While most mobile phones use USB charging, there are different versions of USB ports, and charging speeds can vary for different devices. This illustrates that arriving at a universal charger type can be a complex and time-consuming process, as the competing interests of manufacturers must be reconciled. Ultimately, achieving a universal charging standard will require collaboration and compromise from all parties involved.

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Concluding Remarks: Can a Tesla Use Porsche Charger?

It is possible to charge a Tesla using a Porsche charger. Porsche electric cars use J1772 and CCS Combo chargers that can be adapted to a Tesla-specific charger with the appropriate adapters. As the electric vehicle industry continues to grow, we can expect more innovation and development in charging infrastructure. With the ability to use a Porsche charger for a Tesla, electric vehicle owners have more options and flexibility when it comes to charging their vehicles.

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