Can Electric Car Windows Open on Their Own? All You Need to Know

Automation is the door to the future, and electric cars are not lagging behind any other type of vehicle. Manufacturers are up to automate every system in their cars, be it lane changing, summoning the vehicle to the driver, or driving it on its own. If everything is turning automatic, how can windows be forgotten?

Yes, electric car windows can open on their own. The technology introduced is to save the glass and operate the windows remotely. But the same can also occur in some electric car brands due to different faults, namely, software issues, obstructions in the frame, user naivety, and bad switches.

Which Electric Car Offers Automatic Windows Opening?

Tesla offers the technology of automatic windows rolling down in its cars. This feature holds some benefits and hidden safety measures.

Window Glass Protection

Tesla Model Y windows roll down independently to avoid harm to the windows while opening or closing the doors. Frameless windows are prone to cracking because the top part fits into the frame of the car body when the door and window are fully closed. A similar incident can occur when closing the door. The impact can worsen if the doors are slammed too hard.


But Tesla has managed the problem quite wisely. In its Model Y – a car with frameless windows – the glass automatically goes down a few centimeters to avoid rubbing against the rubber sealings around the car’s body frame as the door is opened. Once closed, the window goes back up and fits tightly to avoid air and rain making its way inside.

Control Through the App

Tesla has recently introduced automatic window controls in its mobile app. The user can now open the windows remotely without physically hitting the window control buttons on the door panel. Where the feature offers obvious benefits of easy access, it also enhances the car’s security by letting the owners open or close the window when they are away and do not feel right.


To open the windows of your distant Tesla, hit the Controls section in your mobile app to access the windows option remotely. Also, note that the ‘vent’ feature is also included in some cars. All it does is roll down the windows about an inch to help you cool down your vehicle when it is too hot – only by hitting a few buttons on your mobile app. By switching the Vent button again, the windows can be closed.

Can Electric Car Windows Open on Their Own Due to a Fault?

Regretfully, a few faults might appear in some electric cars that can cause the windows to roll down on their own. It threatens the security of an electric vehicle because it makes the job easy for burglars and stealers. But the encouraging news is that the issue is in the sight of manufacturers, and the problem might be resolved soon.

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Which Electric Cars Can Open Windows Automatically Due to a Fault?

  • Chevrolet Volt
  • Tesla Model S

What Specific Faults Can Cause Automatic Windows Opening in Electric Cars?

1. Software Problems

The software works like a thinking arena for an electric car. Thus, software malfunctioning can make a car do some uncalled-for stuff randomly, including automatically opening the windows.

Some electric car users say that their vehicle’s windows occasionally roll down independently after updating the software. Particularly in Tesla Model Y, users reported that they faced the issue after updating their car to 2020.48.37.4 or 2021.4.18.2 versions.

2. Obstructions

Some cars have a system to either open the window or stop closing it if any obstruction is detected between it and its frame. It is helpful since children might have their fingers over the glass as it goes into the frame, increasing the chances of injury. However, it becomes a ‘fault’ when debris falls in the frame, and the system functions similarly. Some users have reported similar incidents in their Tesla Model Y cars.


3. User Inexperience

Sometimes, cars are designed okay, but the fault develops due to a user’s inexperience, and the windows might be ‘opened on their own.


Some Chevrolet Volt users have shared a similar incident. The car is designed to open all windows on its own or when the unlock button is pressed. Hence, unknowingly, people may end up automatically opening their windows. If the windows have gone old and the door closed hard, they might roll down.

4. Window Switches Malfunctioning

Bad switches can roll down windows on their own in any car, regardless if it is an electric or a conventional one. When the switch circuitry is not well, the wire may connect, signaling the window to lower down without input from the user. To confirm if this is the case, try operating the affected window from the app or the main control panel on the driver’s door. If it works fine, know that the bad switch is the fault.


How to Fix Automatic Window Opening in Electric Cars Due to a Fault?

The solution depends on the specific problem, which is making the windows open on their own. Nonetheless, by staying careful and sticking to a few invaluable tips, the chances of these problems surfacing can be lowered significantly.


  • Keep the Software Updated: New software versions usually fix the faults propped up in the older ones. As the problem of the automatic window opening problem is highlighted frequently on different fora, the latest updates would surely eliminate it.
  • Reboot Occasionally: Reboot is known to eliminate the software’s glitches. It can also rectify several other issues hindering an electric car from performing to its fullest, such as fixing memory leaks.
  • Recalibration: The problems associated with obstructions can be fixed by simply calibrating the windows until the window frame is fully inspected and cleared of debris by a professional. Refer to your electric car’s user manual to know how to calibrate its windows.
  • Avoid Slamming the Door: Make it your habit to treat the door nicely. Never shut it down too hard or the weak window system might get affected, lowering the glass slightly. You can also use rubbers around the door to soften the impact.
  • Take Care of the Switches: Replace the fault switches and window circuitry and regularly check for proper functioning. You can use different tools, such as a multimeter, to know that the wires are fine.


Rounding Up: Can Electric Car Windows Open on Their Own?

Yes, electric car windows can roll down automatically, either due to the use of advanced technologies or because of some faults. Knowing the reasons can save you time and energy to rectify the issues, besides giving you complete command over your electric car’s cool, latest features. After all, many features are added to electric vehicles with technological progress – why not use them?

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