Can Tesla Windshield Be Repaired?

Whether a stone or any flying object hits your Tesla’s windshield, one thing is for sure: the crack will grow over time if not fixed promptly. And if the crack grows too large, the whole windscreen will need a replacement. But you might be wondering if Tesla windshields can be repaired in the first place. What is the procedure? Should you replace it?

Yes, the Tesla windshield can be repaired, provided the damage is not severe. Small cracks can be eliminated with the help of fillers or windscreen repair kits. Similarly, scratches can also be removed with the help of various products available in the market.


What Damages the Windshield?

  • Rocks: Stones and small pebbles are common culprits in damaging windshields. It is so because the cars passing over them can easily throw them around. If the road is rocky, driving close to another car can be risky for your windshield.
  • Bugs: Certain bugs have a hard outer shell that can easily crack the windshield when impacted at high speeds. Some insects also have acidic entrails that lead to a residue buildup which becomes impossible to remove over time.
  • Birds: A low-flying bird can crack the windshield if it hits a car moving at high speed. Besides, bird poop can scratch the glass if it is not cleaned well.


How to Repair a Damaged Tesla Windshield?

If It Is a Crack

  1. Get Your Supplies Ready: Buy a windshield repair kit. These fillers fill in the crack to bind the fractured surfaces together. However, opting for kits with suction pumps instead of syringes is a better choice. Such pumps add vacuum in the cracks, making the job easy for the fillers.
  2. Get Some Light: Park your car in the sun. If it is nighttime, turn on enough lights to help see the crack.
  3. Get Rid of the Debris: Gently tap the crack multiple times. You can use your hand or some short stick to do the job. It will dislodge the debris, glass shards, or any dirt within the crack to give the filler a clear path. But remember, never tap it too strongly, or the crack may worsen.
  4. Clean the Crack: For the filler to do the job perfectly, the crack should neither be wet nor dirty. Spray it with a glass cleaner or acetone and gently wipe it with a cloth afterward. To be sure that the insides of the crack are not wet, use a blow dryer over it.
  5. Inject the Filler: Place the injector over the crack and gently begin filling the crack. Continue until the whole crack is filled completely.
  6. Create a Vacuum: After filling the crack, suck all air out of it. You can use a suction pump to help you out with this. Maintain the vacuum for the time advised in the instructions of your repair kit.
  7. Scrap Extra Filler: Use a razor or sharp object to remove the excess filler oozing out of the crack. But stay gentle, or you might end up scratching the glass.
  8. Let It Settle: Park your car in the sun, if possible. With the help of UV rays, the filler can settle quickly. Though much depends upon the brand of the filler, you can expect it to settle within 2 hours. But before you do that, place a small piece of plastic over the crack to ensure no bubble remains in the fillings.

If It Is a Scratch


Simple toothpaste mixed with baking soda is the best solution for removing scratches over the windshield. Besides, several scratch-removing products are also available in the market. Add the mixture over a cloth and rub it over the scratches. Wipe it afterward and see if there is any improvement. Repeat the process multiple times until the scratches are gone completely.

How to Avoid Tesla Windshield From Cracking?


  • Avoid Busy Roads: The busier the road, the greater the risks of debris flying into your car’s windscreen. Especially if the road is rugged, full of rocks and pebbled, or has a lot of heavy-loaded trucks, you must take another route to your destination.
  • Do Not Fluctuate Temperatures: Glass is a layered structure, and one layer can add pressure to another if ambient temperatures fluctuate swiftly. To avoid this with your car’s windshield, do not turn the front vents on with a full blast when the weather is too cold or very hot.
  • Protect From Hail: Hail can easily form scratches or cracks on the windshield. You should always plan your route ahead of time if there is a chance of a hailstorm in your town. Similarly, always opt for parking in the shade or indoors when the weather seems bad. If a hailstorm occurs while you are driving, immediately seek a safe place and stay there until the weather becomes normal again.
  • Get the Windshield Installed By a Professional: Windshields are more prone to getting cracked if improperly installed. Bad placement of the glass can make it vibrate when a car moves, making cracks over time.
  • Fix the Cracks Immediately: As soon as you spot a crack in your car’s windshield, repair it. Several vibrations coming from the car can enlarge the crack in no time. They can eventually exceed 6 inches in length and would not remain repairable anymore.

When Should Tesla Windshield Be Replaced?


  • The crack is more than 6 inches long.
  • The crack is more than halfway deep. Cracks existing in more than one layer of glass are irreparable.
  • The crack appears on the edges of the windshield.
  • There are too many cracks on the windshield.

Is It Safe to Drive With a Cracked Windshield?

Generally, driving with small cracks in the windshield is not dangerous. However, significant risks exist if the cracks are too big or too many. For instance, cracks can distort the line of sight of the drivers, especially during the nighttime. Similarly, windscreens with a significant number of cracks can lose their strength. If anything hits the such fragile glass at high speed, it will break instantly, injuring the people inside.

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Is It Legal to Drive With a Cracked Windshield?


According to federal laws and regulations from the US Department of Transport, driving with a crack over 0.75 inches long is illegal. Moreover, if there is more than one crack, at least one of those must be separated by 3 inches. All states are bound to follow federal laws, but they can differ slightly. We will discuss the states with the most electric cars.

State The Legality of Cracked Windshields
California Driving with cracked windshields is not allowed. However, there is no description of what types of cracks are illegal. It is the discretion of the ticketing officer.
Washington Vehicles that could be dangerous for others are not allowed on roads. It is the discretion of the ticketing officer to determine the offense.
Texas No specific regulation.
Hawaii Same as the federal law.
Oregon Vehicles that could be dangerous for others are not allowed on roads. It is the discretion of the ticketing officer to determine the offense.
Michigan Vehicles must be safe. It is the discretion of the ticketing officer to determine the offense.
Massachusetts Cracks larger than 0.75 inches are not allowed. Moreover, there should be no cracks in the path of the wipers.


How Much Does Tesla Windshield Repair Cost?

Tesla windshield repair can cost anywhere between $250 and $400. However, much depends upon the type of cracks, the model, and the location. But if the cracks are irreparable, a replacement can is quite pricey. You can expect to pay up to $2,000.

Concluding Remarks: Can the Tesla Windshield Be Repaired?

Absolutely, as in other cars, Tesla windshields can also be repaired. But there is a caveat attached: the crack must not be more than 6 inches long. Fillers in the shape of various products are available over the market to do the job. Similarly, scratches are not a big deal either. However, you should focus on removing windshield cracks immediately—driving with those can be dangerous and even illegal.

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