Does Each Power Window Has Its Own Fuse?

Modern vehicles now include power windows for ease of driving. They allow people to access windows in a much easier and better way. Sometimes mechanical or electrical problems can cause your window motor to stop working.

Have you ever been struck by the power windows not working in your vehicle? Let’s dive into this topic and learn if each power window has its fuse or the problem is wiring, switches, or the window motor.

Check out this article to know the most obvious reasons behind this problem!

Does a Car Window Have a Fuse?

No. All power windows in a car are connected with a single fuse and a circuit breaker. Therefore, each window in a car is not powered by a separate fuse or relay.

The window motor mechanism is simple and similar to the mechanism commonly used in hand-cranked windows of the garden variety. Whereas window regulators are heavy current devices, the fuse size is sufficient to provide current to open all four windows simultaneously.

The fuse wires are spread from the driver’s side to the passenger side and back. If one side of the window is affected, the other side is automatically affected. A bundle of wires is strung near the hinge, which goes to each window. These wires swing back and forth every time you open the door. There’s a chance that the driver’s side wires break more often due to more frequent use.

In modern cars, each window motor has a separate fuse. So, if one side is affected, the other is spared. Most modern car models have a fuse box for each side of the power button and sliding doors. If a fuse is broken or melted, you must replace it individually.

Where Is the Fuse for Power Window? 

The fuse box is next to the battery. To open the fuse box, press the two provided clips. Suppose none of your power windows work, whether it’s the passenger side or the driver’s side window. Then there is a main amp circuit breaker responsible for operating all the power windows. If your circuit breaker is damaged, you may need to replace it. 

Note: Electric door locks may cause by a malfunctioning switch, mechanical, or wiring problem. If all door locks stop working, check the fuse box. Check the fuse working with the door lock circuit and ensure it’s also not broken or melted.

How to Test a Power Window Relay 

How do I know if my power window relay is bad? To check this, you need to test the relay as follows.

Step 1. Under the dash on the driver’s side, the relay resides near the kick panel. In your car, it may be under the glove box on the passenger side. You can also check the side panel near the center console. You must carefully pull back the car panel and pull out the black relay with four springs.

Step 2. Feed the current through the car battery. You can also use a small battery.

Step 3. Take two paper clips and attach them to the positive and negative sides of the battery, then do not touch them with your hands.

Step 4. Take an alligator wire. Attach one end to a paper clip and the other to a relay prong.

Step 5. Repeat the process for the other prong as well.

Step 6. Now, there are two prongs left. One is at the top, and the other is at the bottom. Now take the multimeter, turn it on and connect its leads to the remaining ears.

Step 7. Look at the multimeter. It will show the relay status.

Reasons Why Power Windows Fails to Work

What causes the power window to stop working?  The following are four reasons why your power window might fail to work. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Broken and Melted Fuse

The fuse is an essential element that connects your vehicle’s power windows and other electrical systems. Therefore, a problem with the electrical circuitry may cause a broken or melted fuse. In this situation, it stops the power supply to the electric circuit window.

You can protect your electric power window circuitry and other mechanical parts from electrical damage. When the fuse is broken or melted, the windows will not have the power to operate correctly. However, modern vehicles have separate fuses for all electrical components. A broken or melted fuse in the power window will not affect other electrical functions, such as the lights and radio.

Damaged Regulator

Every time you activate the switch, it affects the power window and moves the regulator down and up. Sometimes bad regulators cause windows to stick. Also, the window glass is sometimes out of alignment, but you still hear the sound of the window motor working. There are symptoms of bad regulators and bad relays.

  • You notice some unusual noises when opening and closing the window.
  • When you close the window, it rises very slowly and does not close completely.
  • You see your window closed or crooked.

A Damaged Motor

The electric motor is the most crucial component for operating power windows. When you press the power button, electrical power moves the window up and down. If your window motor works appropriately, the regulator can move up and down correctly. However, the window motor wears down after repeated use, and the regulator causes problems with the power windows.

Improper Alignment of Window Glass

The window has tracks that close and open the glass when you press a button. Sometimes, repeated use of the glass can cause it to go off track and disrupt its alignment. This misalignment of the mirror happens when you close the door too hard or deal with it incorrectly.

When the problem is severe, the window will not like to move even a little bit. However, if the window closes but not entirely, it indicates that the problem has just started.

How to Repair Power Windows

Is your power window not working on the passenger or driver’s sides? Whatever problem your Power Window is facing, you can fix it the following way.

Broken or Melted Fuse Repair

First, your expert auto window technician will go a few miles to find the problem. It is necessary to replace a broken or melted fuse to avoid a recurrence.

Repair a Defective Regulator

Your technician will rip off the inner door panel and gain access to the regulator. Sometimes, the regulator gets out of place and needs a fix. You may need to replace a damaged regulator.

Solution for Motor Damage

The only solution to a damaged window is to have your technician replace it as soon as possible. If you ignore this problem, it can lead to more severe issues with the car, and you may not be able to operate your power window for much longer. To fix this problem, your technician will open the inner door to access the mechanical components of the power window.


Does each power window has its fuse? First, look at power window fuse symbols; sometimes, passenger-side and sometimes driver-side window stops sliding up and down. Therefore, most consumers ask this question. There are multiple reasons behind it. Sometimes window switches get out of order and cause this issue. Some consumers also report that this problem occurs because of rubbish treatment with the door during closing and opening. Due to this slumming door, the glass alignment disbalances and stops working correctly.

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