Here Are the Tips on Selecting a Magnetic Phone Holder for Your Electric Car

When your smartphone is attached to a good holder that keeps it in place and in the line of sight of the driver is far safer than using it with hands. It does a good job of keeping your eyes on the road without causing any serious distractions. And since magnetic phone holders are in vogue, many people are up to buying those for their electric cars. But do not be hasty—learn these simple yet effective tips to get the best option available.

Tips on Selecting a Magnetic Phone Holder

1. Aim for Universal Compatibility

Select a magnetic phone holder that lets most types of smartphones attach to it. If a lot of people sit in your electric car daily, instead of attaching a new holder each time, it would be very handy to use the same with all phones. Sure, you can select the mount compatible with your phone only, but the universal one is better since it satisfies the need of many within almost the same price range. Though most magnetic mounts currently available in the market have this capability, you must be careful while choosing one since even a slight difference can affect charging and holding power.

2. Do Not Compromise on Grip

You must make sure that the magnetic holder grabs the phone very tightly. It is a matter of safety for the passengers in your electric car—sending a 180 grams plastic or metal body phone flying in your car would be the last thing you want! Electric cars are not immune to vibrations when treading on bumpy roads. Similarly, stationary things in a vehicle get moving whenever a sharp turn is made. They can easily injure the passengers inside if they are sharp or heavy enough. Even if it does not happen by luck, such incidents would surely damage the windows. That is why you should ensure that the magnetic holder you are interested in has a very tight grip.


3. It Should Offer an Easy Access

Remember that the magnetic mounts make things easy for you, not difficult. Spending money on it could be pointless if you opt for a holder with too many coverings on its sides or cannot be mounted near the driver’s seat. Let us explain. If the magnetic holder has large sidewalls, it will interfere with the vision of the passengers—when a phone rings or any notification appears, no one can see the screen easily unless they detach the phone from the holder. Likewise, if the holder cannot be mounted on the AC vent near you, you will have a tough time accessing your phone while driving, which can even be dangerous. Only buy the holders that make value for your money.

4. Do Not Overlook Durability

Choose a long-lasting magnetic phone holder. It should always look fresh and must not get damaged easily. Over time, if you are fond of driving your electric car with windows open, you can easily accumulate dust on your magnetic phone holder. This can accelerate the degradation process, and the holder will lose its appealing looks sooner than expected. Similarly, while cleaning the interior, you might hit the holder accidentally, and it can suffer damage. You need a magnetic phone case that withstands such instances. Moreover, know that magnets slowly weaken with time. If you select a bad-quality magnetic holder, it will lose its holding strength quite soon.

5. Look for a Charging Holder

Why not have an additional benefit out of your otherwise simple magnetic phone holder? Charging which gripping your phone will take care of its battery levels. Besides simply gripping your phone, the holder will replenish the battery as you move. Not to mention, your phone’s battery will not last long if you are using a GPS or on a call with someone. However, note that if you are using a magnetic case, it is highly likely to interfere with the charging process. But if the holder implies a magnet only to grip and charges the phone using the traditional cable, it will be a better option.

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6. Protect Your Smartphone From the Sun

If your magnetic phone holder gets attached to the windscreen, it will raise the temperature of your phone drastically when used in hot summers because of direct access to sunlight. But the holders with back covering can save your device. It is sweltering in summer, and since most smartphones do not operate above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, placing them directly in the sun is surely a bad idea. To keep your phone working under such conditions, opt for the holder that keeps the back of your phone covered. Holders mounted on AC vents also keep the direct sunlight away.

7. Keep Aesthetics in Mind

You need to make sure that the mount matches perfectly with your electric car’s interior. Avoiding something that is against the aesthetics of your expensive car must be your priority. Not to mention, electric cars are costlier as compared to conventional cars, and they also come with quite amazing interior designs. You surely would not want to spoil it! Make sure that the shape of your magnetic phone holder is not unusual and that its color does not contrast in an unappealing way with the upholstery.

Caution: Be Careful of Windshield Mounting Laws


Depending on your state, driving with a windshield-mounted magnetic phone holder can be illegal. You need to take your local laws into account. If that is the case, you should opt for other magnetic phone mounts, such as those that can attach to the AC vents or the dashboard.

Know that the majority of states do not allow mounting a smartphone to the windscreen. Others might either fully allow it or restrict it in some manner. For instance, the law may state that phone holders are allowed only if attached to the bottom of the windscreen.

We will discuss the situation of laws in the states with the greatest number of electric cars:


Phone Holder on Windscreen Legal? 















District of Columbia



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