Are Tesla Car Windows Tinted? Here Are Some Reasons

Car owners often opt for tinting their car windows, especially if they live in hot areas. But those who are into Tesla cars might wonder if they can have this feature right from the factory—saving their money and time in the future. Killing two birds with one stone kind of thing?

No, Tesla windows are not tinted—except for the sunroof. It is so because tinting might be illegal depending on the region. Similarly, consumers’ choices can be compromised by darkening a car’s glass. But the windows can be tinted later on after the purchase.

Why Are Not Tesla Windows Tinted?

Tesla windows are not tinted already, mainly because of the individual purchasers’ choices and tinting laws in certain US states.


Window tinting is restricted in several countries worldwide due to safety reasons for drivers and the general public. As dark windows can reduce visibility, they can increase the risk of accidents. Similarly, tinted windows may make it difficult for the police to see through during checking. Passengers will not need to roll down the windows fully each time the car is checked if there is no tint.

Window tinting depends much on personal preferences too. Some people do not like any sort of color on their car windows. Supplying cars with already tinted windows into the market could risk buyers’ resentment.

What Are the Benefits of Tinting My Tesla Windows?


  • UV Protection: Tinted windows protect the passengers and the interior from harmful sun rays. Good tints can filter up to 99% of the harmful UV rays. This can also reduce the sun’s glare, preserving the eyes’ health.
  • Safety: Tint film sticks to the window and does not let the glass pieces wall off if broken. In case of accidents, it can save passengers from glass-related wounds.
  • Decreased Visibility: Tinted windows do not allow clear visibility outside the car. If you happen to leave any valuable belonging in your car, tinted windows will not let any onlooker see through easily.
  • Comfort: By blocking sun rays, the temperatures inside a car can be kept cooler. It enhances comfort inside the cabin.
  • Enhanced Range: In warm weather, you are less likely to turn the AC on if your car windows are tinted. This can indirectly lead to preserving the battery life.
  • Better Looks: By adding tint to the windows, you can enhance the appearance of your Tesla. Think about a contrast of a white Tesla with all-black windows. How cool is that? A plus point: It can also add to the resale value!


Which Window Tint Types Are Good for Tesla?

  •       Film
  •       Crystalline
  •       Carbon

Do Tesla Windows Block Ultraviolet Rays?

Amazingly, yes. Even without tinting, Tesla windows are engineered to block harmful UV rays to a certain extent. However, note that this feature is not present in older Teslas. Moreover, depending upon the model, the protection can be as effective as a whopping 98%.


There are also some ways you can employ to check if your Tesla has UV-protected windows. First, the easiest way, check for the label that clearly states this feature in the glass. Second, you can flash UV light onto the windows. If the fiber inside the glass shines, know that the glass is not protected. Thirdly, and finally, you can use the flame reflection test. During the night, light a small flame on a match stick and bring it near the window. If the reflection shows three flames, your window is protected. One or two flames indicated, that protection does not exist.

Which US States Allow Tesla Windows Tinting?

All US states allow window tinting for cars. The difference lies only in the tint percentage. Window tinting is not a black-and-white job: it ranges from the darkest end (5%, namely) to no tinting (100% clear). All states allow tinting, but they restrict it in terms of darkness. For instance, in Michigan, you can tint the windows of your Tesla at any level of darkness—even 5%, if you want to. On the other hand, some states, including Alaska and California, allow tinting only if it falls more in the clearer end.


Also, note that the allowed percentages are different for different windows. Particularly, most states allow darker rear windows, but you need to keep the front side windows least tinted. Moreover, the color and reflectivity of the tint also matter.

We cannot delve into depth into the tint laws in each state. But the laws for the states with the greatest number of electric vehicles are worth mentioning here.


Front Side Windows (%) Back Side Windows (%) Rear Window (%) Windshield (area, inches) Reflectivity Restrictions

Color Restrictions


70 Any Any 4 No more than a standard window

Red, amber, and blue


24 24 24 6 No more than 35%

Red, green, amber, black, and yellow


25 25 Any 5 No more than 25%

Red, amber, and blue


35 35 35 None Non-metallic



35 35 35 6 No more than 13%

Red, green, yellow, black, and amber


Any Any Any 4 No more than 35%



35 35 35 6 No more than 35%


District of Columbia

75 50 50 5 None



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Concluding Remarks: Are Tesla Car Windows Tinted?

No, Tesla car windows do not come tinted due to the involvement of legal issues. Similarly, tinting an otherwise plain glass without consumer consent can jeopardize the company’s market position. The only exception is the glass roof: it comes pre-tinted from the factory. But it does not mean that Tesla car windows cannot be tinted at all. Owners can do it anytime after the purchase. It is a useful option—but be watchful of your local laws!

Tesla has done a good job even without adding tint to the windows. The technology still blocks harmful UV rays, makes the glass tougher, and keeps the cabin quieter. 

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