Benefits of Having Antique Plates in Florida

Have you ever considered getting an antique plate for your classic car? Do you know how it can benefit you? The level of competition for vintage cars is very different. When it comes to a classic car, efficiency and quickness are not as important as the experience, style, exclusivity, and craftsmanship, which are all eternal and universal, and by getting an antique plate for them, you can let the others know that you’re riding in a piece of history. As a general rule, follow the regulations honestly if you plan to register your classic car with antique license plates to avoid getting into trouble. Just follow the rules; they are there for a purpose.

This article will mostly discuss the benefits of having antique plates in Florida and how much you have to pay. So let us get started!

Requirements to Get an Antique Plate in Florida

Make sure your car qualifies for the license plates as the first thing you need to accomplish. You must carefully examine the limits associated with the plates after determining that the car is old enough to meet the requirements in your state. For Florida, a modified or unmodified automobile, truck, or motorcycle will have an “Antique” tag with a light blue background if it was made in 1946 or later, is 30 years old or older, and has an engine that is 30 years old or older. They are, therefore, post-war vehicles, but their engines and bodywork are far past their prime. Since these are temporary tags, they need to be renewed annually.

Benefits of Having Antique Plates in Florida


1. Affordable Price

The price difference between buying antique and regular plates is unquestionably a plus. When compared to normal tags, the price of this is significantly reduced. People are typically persuaded to get this kind of plate by this one factor alone.

This fascinating aspect encourages vehicle enthusiasts to display their vintage masterpieces, and we can all agree that we value the low-cost factor.

2. One-Time Inspection

A one-time technical inspection is performed on an antique car. In comparison, a regular car would undergo such an annual inspection. The only exception to this rule is if the car is in an accident or collision, in which case a second inspection is required.

3. No Excess Custom to Pay

You won’t be required to pay customs or excise taxes, and the VAT rate will only be 8% when importing a collector or vintage vehicle from outside the European Union.

4. Increases the Value of the Car

Antique license plates elevate the status of many drivers of vintage automobiles and may raise the car’s resale value. Therefore, it is one of the plus points of why one should have an antique number plate.


5. Accidental Damage Recovery

The value insurance company will determine the value of a vintage car in the case of an accident using collector value rather than catalog value.

6. You Can Make Your Car a Part of the Display Shows

Fortunately, having antique license plates on your classic car allows you to travel freely to and from parades, car events, and display shows.

7. Personalized Plates

Drivers can obtain a personalized license plate with any configuration they choose for an additional $15 yearly (subject to approval). Applications for custom license plates must be submitted in person. Up to 7 characters, including a space or hyphen, may be added to personalized plates with a central logo design, such as the primary plate. Up to 5 letters, without a hyphen or additional space, may be written on plates with a left-side logo design.

8. Online Renewal of Tag

With eTags, you can online renew your Florida vehicle registration. Starting now, Convenient, contactless processing is the first step. Use our convenient and secure web application to place your order online.  We’ll email and SMS you updates while we evaluate and verify your information.

Pricing and Cost Antique Plates

All Florida license plates, commonly known as “tags,” are suitable for ten years. A new tag will be issued to a vehicle on its tenth anniversary of registration renewal. We have discussed above that antique plates are less expensive than regular ones and surely add value to your vehicle.


INITIAL STEP: Owners of vintage or old vehicles must apply for Florida antique license plates at an FLHSMV office nearby. They will need to supply a completed application form and payment for the license tax to obtain special license plates for their vehicles.

FINAL STEP: Paying the applicable fees is the last step in the registration process for a unique or vintage car in Florida.  Each vehicle has a different registration price. The registration price For motorists registering vintage vehicles is $7.50. The following chart will help you know the amount you must pay to get an antique plate for your vehicle.

Cost $
Antique motorcycle 7.50
Antique Automobile 7.50
Automobiles (Net weight up to 2,499 pounds) 14.50
Automobiles (2,500 – 3,499 pounds) 22.50


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Why Antique Plate Registration Is Available?

Why is there even a market for antique plates? The advantages of owning antique plates are undoubtedly incredible, but who or what thought up the concept in the first place?

Although it’s unclear when the US began issuing antique license plates, we can presume that they gained popularity about the same time that vehicle shows did. As attendance at auto shows increased in the early 1980s, they started to gain popularity as a summertime activity for many people.

Since cars have played a significant role in history, they deserve respect and homage. To help preserve a piece of history, antique license plates were given out to individuals.

When you choose to have vintage license plates on your classic car, you are attempting to safeguard your vehicle and the environment.

There are restrictions on how far you can go in a classic car each year. Your car maintains its decent condition with occasional use but slowly deteriorates if you don’t push it.


Although purchasing the license plates is relatively simple. You must do your investigation to ensure that you are eligible. It is essential to go through your state’s rules before you apply to get an antique plate. Antique number plates have benefits that can help you in several ways. The point of this article was to enlighten you about everything you need about antique tags. Although purchasing historical license plates may be less expensive initially, you would try to prevent them from costing you more money over time. You may receive penalties or tickets if you violate state regulations.

What are the benefits of antique plates in florida

This process has its limitations. You must know that the car will frequently only be used for specific purposes, such as attending car club events, test drives, going to and from a garage for repairs, or going to an auction. Ensure you have classic car insurance once your antique license plates are sorted.

If you want to register a vintage vehicle with vintage license plates, you’ll need to show the DMV that you already have a vehicle that serves as your primary mode of transportation. This car must have a regular registration to show the state that you have another way of transportation to meet your daily driving needs. We hope this article will help you know everything you should know before registering for an antique plate. 


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  1. RE: Antique tags…
    According to this article (under conclusion) the following is stated:

    “This process has its limitations. You must know that the car will frequently only be used for specific purposes, such as attending car club events, test drives, going to and from a garage for repairs, or going to an auction.”

    I just secured my FL drivers license today and was told there are no restrictions on when an antique can be driven. Is there a FL statute where I can verify this?
    Thank you

    • Congratulations on securing your FL driver’s license! That’s a significant milestone. As for the information you read in the article regarding driving limitations for antique cars, it’s essential to verify the details from an official and reliable source.

      To find accurate and up-to-date information regarding any restrictions on driving antique cars in Florida, I recommend checking the official website of the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV). They should have detailed information on the specific statutes and regulations that apply to antique vehicle operation in the state. You can visit their website at or contact them directly for clarification. It’s always best to rely on official sources to ensure you are driving in compliance with the law.

      Safe driving and enjoy your time with your antique car!


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