What Is Cheaper to Rent Between Tesla and Lamborghini?

Are you planning to rent a cool-looking, cool-featured car? How about a Tesla in EVs or a Lamborghini in the conventional? Well, what choice you make is simply dependent upon your requirements. But the most determining factor will be the rental cost. Some cars are more expensive to rent or even buy than others.

Tesla is far cheaper to rent in comparison to a Lamborghini. Lamborghinis are luxurious cars with a distinct high-end style and features that are never meant to be cheaper. On the other hand, Tesla is more of a regular, everyday-use car.

Tesla vs. Lamborghini: Rent Cost

Tesla cars, on average, cost between $65 and 225 per day for rent. On the other hand, Lamborghini rents start from four digits, i.e., a minimum of $1,000 a day. The price depends on the rental company, model, year manufactured, overall condition, and location. Moreover, note that in the case of Lamborghini, you can expect to pay a maintenance fee and insurance cost, which are excluded from the stated price. This can, thus, jump up the price further.


The large difference in rent for Lamborghini and Tesla vehicles is due to their distinct characteristics. Lamborghini is a luxury brand known for its sleek design, advanced features, comfort, and speed. The brand commands a high demand with a limited production of only 70,000 units to date. On the other hand, Teslas are more mainstream cars, becoming increasingly popular and expected to be among the most common cars on the road.

For Teslas, you would pay this much price for each model per day in rent:

  • Model 3: $125
  • Model S: $160
  • Model Y: $180
  • Model X: $225

Lamborghini rents for each model start at the following prices:

  • Huracan: $1,300
  • Urus: $1,500
  • Aventador: $2,000
  • Aventador S Roadster: $2,500

Tesla vs. Lamborghini: Features and Benefits


  • Full-Electric Car: Teslas depend solely on electricity to move.. This is a clean form of energy that does not cause any pollution. You will not feel guilty about harming the environment and climate when driving one of those!
  • Torque: Since fewer parts are involved in electric cars than the conventional ones, they generate instant torque as the power is delivered from the source to the wheels without minimum losses in between. For instance, the Tesla Model S Plaid has above 1,000 lb-ft torque. This feature makes these cars extremely powerful on the list of vehicles for regular use.
  • Availability: Tesla has a large network of sales and aftersales centers in the US. Should there be any issue in your personal or rented car, you would have no problem getting official help. As of December 2022, there are about 221 Tesla dealerships in the United States.
  • Charging: Do you have range anxiety? No problem: there is a huge network of Tesla charging stations in the US. In North America alone, there are 1,772 superchargers available, and no famous highway or city is void of this facility.
  • Maintenance: Tesla cars are indeed very costly when it comes to their maintenance and repair. However, these are tough vehicles. You are unlikely to witness any malfunction or damage in your rented or personal Tesla over a long period.
  • Style: Teslas are the iPhones of the world of cars. It has a classic design with an overall stylish appearance. It is efficiently aerodynamic on the outside and minimalist on the inside.
  • Safety: Teslas are among some of the safest cars in the world. Since their launch, they have been involved in fewer accidents than other cars. Some sources also report that Teslas are 50% less likely to be involved in crashes than any other car.



  • Speed: Lamborghinis offer some of the top speeds in the world. Lamborghini Veneno is the fastest model of the company to date. Its speedometer can hit a whopping 221 miles an hour.
  • Experience: Believe us, you will not regret renting a Lamborghini! Its style, driving, smell, and sound are all out-of-the-planet stuff. These features make the overall driving experience very captivating. Having worries and stress? Take a Lamborghini drive!
  • Adoration: Lamborghinis are the 5-star hotels of the world of cars. Driving it down the road, almost everyone would be compelled to look at it. For people, it is more an exotic car than a luxurious one.

Can You Rent an Electric Lamborghini?

Unfortunately, electric Lamborghinis are not yet available for rent. All Lamborghini models currently on the market are conventional. However, the brand plans to release its first fully-electric car, the Lamborghini Terzo Millennio, in 2028. This move towards green energy and the evolution of sports cars. You’ll have to wait to rent or buy an electric Lamborghini.

Can You Rent a Tesla or Lamborghini Anywhere in the US?


Yes, you can rent a Tesla or Lamborghini in any state in the US. Tesla is a famous brand in the country, with several dealers and rental agents available. However, despite Lamborghini’s rarity, these cars are still available in almost every nook and corner in the US. Currently, California tops the list of most rental car businesses in the US. We can safely guess that you are not getting into trouble renting a Lamborghini, at least in this state.

What to Check While Renting a Car?

  • Paperwork: You surely do not want to land in legal trouble, especially if you rent an expensive vehicle like a Lamborghini. Just make sure that the car you are going to rent has no legal issues and that your all-necessary paperwork and formalities are clear.
  • Inspection: Look at the car from the outside and the inside carefully. Tell the dealer beforehand if there is any accident or damage. Do not risk the dealer blaming any damage on you when you come to return the car.
  • Familiarize: Before you drive off to your home, take some time to drive around the dealer’s office to familiarize yourself with it. It is a safe practice to make sure you do not mishandle the car when speeding on the highway.
  • Fuel or Charge: Ask the renter what level of charging or octane number of fuel they prefer in their cars. You can risk the quality and maintenance of your ride by not complying with the refueling or recharging standard practices.
  • Set Schedule: Bound yourself to return the vehicle within the deadline period. Set the alarm or reminder for the return date.

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Concluding Remarks: What Is Cheaper to Rent Between Tesla and Lamborghini?

Lamborghini is a very expensive choice when it comes to renting a car. It is a sport, luxury brand while Tesla is more of a regular-type car. If you want cheaper rent, you need to opt for a Tesla, but if you are crazy for speed and luxury, go ahead with a vroom-vroom Lamborghini if your pocket allows it!

Do you know about the Tesla Roadster? Well, it can soon change your mind when choosing between a Tesla and a Lamborghini. The Tesla Roadster is going to be the fastest car in the world, due to be launched in 2023. How about a speedy EV instead of a Lamborghini?

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