Why Car Wipers Are Kept Open?

Windshield wipers are a small part of cars, but they are extremely important for the sake of good vision—without those, the overall safety is severely compromised. All drivers know their value when it rains, or liquid falls on the screen, blocking the line of sight. So, why not keep them intact and secure? Raising them when your car is parked does just the same.

Car wipers are kept open to protect them from the harms of extreme weather conditions. When it is cold and snowy, lifting the wiper can prevent freezing them to the windscreen. In hot weather, it can keep the heat coming from the windshield at bay.

Why Car Wipers Are Kept Open?

Protection from Cold Weather

Car dealers recommend lifting wiper blades during snowstorms to prevent pressure on the windshield and wiper links, avoid scratches and protect the wipers’ motor. Snow buildup on the windshield during winter can cause pressure on the wipers and freeze them to the glass, risking motor damage and the need for replacements. Failing to clear snow from over the wipers while cleaning the windshield can also scratch the glass or damage the rubber.


Protection from Heat

Leaving the wiper’s lifter when parked in the sun may extend its life and avoid melted rubber accumulation on the windshield. Windshield glass can get very hot in the summer, increasing the temperature of the wiper rubber and drying it up. Lifting the wipers does not safeguard them 100%–it only helps them last a bit longer. The harmful ultraviolet rays and the sweltering heat are still going the impact its gentle, rubbery texture. But if the wipers do not directly contact the glass, they will not have any additional heat intake. They become brittle and break from beneath if they accumulate too much heat. This will scratch the windshield and need replacements more often.

Should You Keep Your Car’s Wipers Open?

Lifting the wipers off the windshield when it is snowing or the temperatures are too high to not solve the entire problem. Besides, there are certain risks attached to this move. Let us discuss each of those in detail:


  • Freezing temperatures can make wiper blades brittle and less elastic. Simply lifting the wipers does not prevent them from being affected by the cold, and accumulated snow on the blades can further lower their temperature.
  • Open wipers are exposed to whatever falls from the sky. If, for instance, the snow is accompanied by a hailstorm, you risk your wipers getting fractured or scraped. Similarly, strong winds can cause debris to hit the wipers hard, leading to the same.
  • Simply lifting the wipers in summer is not enough to prevent damage from heat and UV exposure. You need to actively cool the wipers by covering them or parking in the shade.
  • Lastly, wipers close very quickly when pushed onto the screen due to the spring mechanism in their arms. If the wiper is covered with a lot of snow, the windscreen will be hit hard in case of accidental touch.

Alternative Methods for Keeping Car Wipers Open

Wiper Covers

By investing in a pair of windshield wipers cover, you would do your wipers a favor by safeguarding them from the wrath of extreme cold or heat. However, the protection of the windshield might not be guaranteed. Covers will not allow snowfall to deposit on the rubber present under the wipers. Since there would be no direct contact between the rubber and the glass, the chances of wipers freezing on the latter will be nonexistent. However, you still need to be very careful. If you accidentally turn the wipers on while they are covered, you might risk the windshield with scratches.

Covers do the best job in the summer. They protect the rubber from direct sunlight and intense heat. They are a sure yes—as if they are sunscreen for your beloved ride!

Safe Parking

Parking in the shade protects your car and wipers from extreme heat and cold. It prevents snow and ice buildup on the wipers and protects the whole car instead of just the wipers. However, keeping wiper covers in your car provides backup protection in case shade is unavailable. While parking in the shade is ideal, wiper covers are a useful precaution.

Winter Wipers

By simply replacing the windshield wipers with some specially-designed ones when the winter approaches, you would be doing a favor to your car. Winter wipers have protective features to safeguard both the rubber and the glass. The market is saturated with such wipers. Beam-style wipers, for instance, feature a single spring that bends and turns, maintaining even pressure on all points of contact. Similarly, silicone-based wipers can stay supple and flexible during extreme cold and never crack in such conditions.

Can You Fix Your Car’s Wipers Frozen to the Windshield?

Yes, you can easily unfreeze your car’s windshield wipers by applying some household items to them. However, never go for pouring hot water on the windshield. Though it appears to be an instant, easy, and promising solution, it entails more harm than good. Severe temperature fluctuations can generate cracks in the glass.


  • Vinegar Solution: Mix one part vinegar in three-part water in a spray bottle. Sprinkle some solution on the point of contact between the wipers and the windshield, and you will accelerate defrosting. You can also do it in advance to prevent too much ice formation in the first place.
  • Pickle Juice: Pickle juice contains vinegar and salt and can do the same action as the vinegar solution. However, note that it could be corrosive to car paint. Avoid getting it on your car’s body.
  • Winter Wiper Fluid: Winter wiper fluids are specifically designed to tackle the frost formation issue. You can pour some of it directly on the windscreen from the bottle to accelerate snow melting.

Tips on Protecting the Wipers

  • Never use the wipers until the windshield is completely defrosted. You need to make sure that the rubber is not stuck. Life the wipers a little bit to confirm.
  • Do not run wipers on a dry windshield. Besides damaging the rubber, it will also lead to scratches since the friction is too high.
  • Always remove debris from the wipers before turning them on. If anything sticks between the rubber and the glass, it will lead to quick wear and tear accompanied by scratches.
  • Replace the wipers regularly. Windshield wipers do not last longer than six months to a year and lose strength.

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Concluding Remarks: Why Car Wipers Are Kept Open?

Extreme weather can damage wiper blades, so lifting the wipers is insufficient. Wipers need protection from snow buildup, high heat, and UV exposure, which can degrade the rubber. Covering wipers when not in use is an inexpensive precaution that protects a seemingly small but useful car part and extends wiper life. Though inflation is hitting hard, investing in wiper covers is worth the cost.

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