Are Tesla Good for Long Road Trips? Yes. Here Is Why

If you have ever wondered about the particularities of taking an electric car on long trips, Tesla’s would have surely crossed your mind; after all, Tesla cars are well-known for their ranges and advanced battery technologies – seemingly very convenient for riding for long. But are they worth it?

Absolutely! Tesla’s are good for long road trips for several reasons: they offer long-range, charging station availability, self-driving feature, economical charging cost, safety, comfort, user-friendly experiences, and enough cargo space.

What Makes a Car Good for Long Distance Driving?


1.  Comfort: The more a car is good at providing comfort, the better control its driver will have, and road disturbances will not matter. Hence, the passengers keep feeling fresh.

2. Charging Time: Lesser charging time means a shorter duration of trips.  

3. Range: Long drives are often fraught with the possibility of getting no replenishment for a car’s fuel or charging, making the range matter much.

4. Safety: Odds of severe accidents are high on long drives as they often entail high speeds. Therefore, the safer the car, the better it is.

5. Space: Cars used for long road trips must be spacious enough to fit all journey provisions.

Are Tesla’s Good for Long Road Trips? 7 Reasons

1. Tesla Ranges Are No Big Deal

Tesla has always been up to introducing marvelous ranges in their cars – not to mention. The Model S can now hit a whopping 752 miles in a single charge! And for the user’s convenience, the company operates more than 35,000 supercharger stations – the largest network of fast chargers in the whole world!


Thanks to these amenities, Tesla is no less than any other vehicle on the planet when it comes to getting the best range during long-distance driving. Tesla users are happy with the supercharger experience, as per a study and different reviews. It only takes about 15 minutes to add 200 miles while the travelers have coffee and stretch their legs which have been dormant for a while.

2. Tesla’s Have Autopilot Mode

Autopilot seems to be an out-of-this-world feature due to its hassle-free, relaxed driving, especially on long trips. And thanks to the company’s decision, all new Tesla’s come with autopilot, unlike conventional cars.


Various users have shared their joyful experiences of using this feature on highways: They do not have to continuously put their eyes on the road, easing the journey considerably.

3. Tesla’s Long Trips Are Economical

Tesla cars do not need that much money when charging compared to refueling gasoline-powered vehicles, making the former an excellent choice for short- and long-distance driving.


On average, charging a Tesla is 3.6 times cheaper than refueling a conventional car. An amazing real-life case study comes from Australia. A couple embarked on a 3,700 miles round trip in their Tesla Model 3. The charging cost them only AUD 186 (USD 120) – had the journey been made on a gasoline car, the figure could have hit AUD 700!


Once upon a time, Tesla made its supercharging free to all customers to attract the market. However, by 2020, these perks were annulled to generate more profits.

 4. Tesla’s Are Safe

Teslas guard their passengers much better than most cars, making them super safe, especially for highway driving with high speeds. The secret lies in their extraordinary engineering. For instance, even when driven very fast, these cars are far less likely to overturn because of their low center of gravity. The Model Y takes the lead by having a rollover risk of just eight percent!


In November 2020, a man miraculously walked away safe after crashing his Tesla Model S at 100 miles an hour. The impact was highly severe: the car hit a pole, two trees, and a telephone box, almost destroying it, but the driver only received minor injuries.

5. Tesla Offer First-Rate Comfort

Tesla cars are exceptionally comfortable, especially on long trips. Thanks to the design leading to a low center of gravity, the floors are low, giving a spacious and airy feel. Likewise, the seats are soft and cozy and can easily adjust taller adults.


The accelerations are smooth and fast but not jerky in terms of driving. Furthermore, even at high speeds, they make minimum noise and are nearly silent.

6. Tesla’s Are Quite User-Friendly

Tesla interacts with their riders and supports them well throughout the journey. Once the destination is entered in the computer, these cars update the drivers about how much battery is remaining; how long they can keep going; and where the nearest charging station lies, making it fairly easy to plan long trips.


Karaoke in Tesla?

Tesla has introduced the ‘Caraoke’ feature in its cars. Passengers can now sing their hearts out to the world anytime, even when they are bored of long drives!

 7. Got Luggage? No Problem for Teslas!


Tesla offers more cargo capacity than conventional cars of similar size. The reason? Electric cars do not have an engine on their front end, making them a good luggage space. But Tesla is special: the Model 3 can have five 24 inches sized roller-bags in the rear trunk alone! But the leads belong to hatchback variants: the Model X and Model Y. With enough seating and cargo space, various reviews indicate that they are the best choice to travel with the load.

Which Tesla Models Are Good for Long Road Trips?

Model 3: It has a good range of 267 miles. Though the model is the smallest of all Tesla, it still provides a good space.

Model S: This model is specifically known for the best ranges. Moreover, Tesla also claims it is the safest electric car on the road. It also has 28 cubic feet of rear cargo space – far more than an average luxury car of the same size.

Model Y: It has about 330 miles in range. It also holds a 5-star rating for safety by the NCAP. Furthermore, being an SUV, the car has good luggage space.

Model X: Having an impressive 370 miles range, a 5-star rating from the NCAP, and an SUV-sized space, the Model X is a good choice for road trips.

Model Range (miles) Space (cubic feet) Charging Time (minutes)
3 262 22.9 20-25
S 405 31 40
Y 330 33 25-30
X 370 91 30

Which Other Electric Cars Are Good for Long Road Trips?

Hyundai Ioniq 5: Having won various design awards, the vehicle is famous for fast charging (10 to 80 percent in 18 minutes) and up to 300 miles range. It also has highway assistant software similar to that of Tesla.

Mustang Mach-E: An SUV with impressive range (315 miles) and acceleration (Zero to 60 mph in 5.2 seconds). It also has BlueCruise, an autopilot mode rivaling that of Tesla.

Rivian R1T: It is a camping-oriented long-trip car. Its imposing features include 400 miles range and the capability to tow up to 11,000 pounds.

Some Tips for Long-Distance Tesla Road Trips


  • Make sure you take a route with enough charging stations. More particularly, the fast-charging stations.
  • Use temperature controls wisely to add to the range. This will also reduce your ‘range anxiety.’
  • To enhance your battery longevity, park the car in the shade whenever you take a break.
  • To not carry unnecessary loads and luggage.
  • Inspect the tires before embarking. Keep checking the tire pressure regularly.

Concluding Remarks: Are Tesla’s Good for Long Road Trips?

Teslas are great for long-distance driving because they not only fulfill the prerequisites of good cars for driving far away but also exceed them. You might lose a few hours due to the required charging time compared to if you choose to ride an internal combustion engine car, but you will certainly not regret the pleasurable journeys Tesla’s put forward!

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