Electric Adventure: Can a Tesla Pull an Airstream?

Are you considering hitting the open road in a sleek and sustainable electric vehicle but wonder if it is possible to bring along your beloved Airstream for the ride? Look no further! With the rise of electric vehicles, many RV enthusiasts are curious about the feasibility of towing their campers with a Tesla.

Yes, with towing capacities up to 5,000 lbs and the smallest Airstream unit, the Bambi, having 3,000 lbs weight, we can safely predict that Teslas can pull an Airstream. However, if an Airstream lies on the heavier end (they can go up to 10,000 lbs!), a Tesla will have a tough time pulling it.

How to Tow an Airstream With a Tesla?


Get the Hitch in Place

To attach a camper to a Tesla, you need a tow package that contains a hitch, which you must purchase separately. The cost can cost up to $1000 depending on your Tesla model. Once you have the hitch, insert it into the socket on the rear bumper and secure it with special clips to eliminate any play. It is crucial to make sure that the hitch is properly installed and secured to ensure a smooth ride and to prevent any potential accidents.

Tow Settings

When towing with a Tesla, it’s important to use Trailer Mode, which disables certain autopilot features and increases the distance between your Tesla and other vehicles for safety purposes. The good news is that Trailer Mode is automatically activated once an electrical connection is established between your Tesla and the camper. However, if needed, you can turn it off in the “Controls” section on the screen. When Trailer Mode is on, a blue mark is displayed on the screen, while a yellow mark indicates it’s off.

To ensure safe towing, it’s essential always to use Trailer Mode. Regularly checking the setting is also advised to confirm it remains on during the entire towing journey. Tesla recommends using Trailer Mode, and we recommend following this recommendation to avoid any issues while towing with your Tesla.

Tire Pressure


Increasing tire pressure can help accommodate the extra load from towing. Tesla suggests raising the rear tire pressure by at least 20 psi above normal driving recommendations. It is important to note that incorrect tire pressure can affect the handling and stability of the vehicle while towing, so make sure to follow Tesla’s recommendations. Additionally, it is advisable to regularly check the tire pressure to ensure it remains at the correct level.


Towing can decrease your Tesla’s range, so make sure to fully charge the battery before setting off on a long trip. You can also plan your route to stop at charging stations or bring a portable EV charger. It is essential to keep an eye on the battery level while towing and plan for regular charging stops, especially on long trips. It is also a good idea to familiarize yourself with the charging network and options available to you, such as Tesla’s Superchargers or public charging stations, before embarking on your journey.

Towing Capacities: Which Tesla Is the Best for Pulling an Airstream?

Tesla models X and Y qualify for pulling lighter, smaller Airstreams. But the safest and most efficient choice is the Model X. It has the largest towing capacity of all Teslas. It is the heaviest of all Teslas as well, which means that towing heavier objects will have little impact on the friction between the tires and the ground.


Tesla Models

Towing Capacity (lbs) Torque (Nm)

Weight (lbs)


5,000 660

Up to 5,371


3,500 481



2,200 487

Up to 3,814


2,000 487

Up to 4,960


How Much Does Towing an Airstream Affect Tesla Ranges?

There are no official or definitive figures to be shared; however, you can expect to have your Tesla’s range decreased by up to 50% while pulling an Airstream, much depending upon the models and weight. In a test, the Tesla Model X lost almost 30% of its range while pulling a 3,200 lbs trailer. Similarly, the Tesla Model Y is found to lose more than half of its range when towing a 3,000 lbs trailer.

It is worth noting that all Teslas are good for towing in general. Though heavy loads consume the battery faster, electric motors provide a good overall pulling experience. Towing has never been good for an EV or even a conventional car. The added weight and disturbed aerodynamics make it challenging for the cars to pull.

Some Tips for Towing an Airstream With a Tesla

  • Ensure that the hitch is secure and set properly in place. Remember that Tesla warns against putting unnecessary weight and improperly installing the hitch.
  • If possible, raise your Airstream a bit off the road to make sure it does not hit anything and put an extra load on your car, especially when going off-road.
  • Make sure that the brake lights in the Airstream work fine.
  • Always circle your vehicle and Airstream before setting off.
  • Charge your Tesla fully before leaving. Take the route with easy access to charging stations.

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Conclusion: Can a Tesla Pull an Airstream?

Towing an Airstream with a Tesla is definitely possible, provided that the Airstream is on the lighter side and the Tesla being used for towing is either the Model X or the Y. While both models can handle the task, the Model X is the better option.

It’s worth noting that towing with a Tesla can decrease its range by up to 50%. However, thanks to the electric motors, the overall experience is still smooth and enjoyable. To ensure a safe and stress-free journey, it’s important to follow a few guidelines. First, make sure to install the hitch and adjust the tire pressure properly. It’s also essential to fully charge the battery and adhere to Tesla’s recommendations for towing. Additionally, check the brake lights on the Tesla and the Airstream, and inspect the Airstream itself before hitting the road. Finally, plan your route with better access to charging stations to avoid running out of power.

Remembering these tips, you can have an amazing adventure with your Airstream in tow. So, pack your bags, hit the road, and enjoy the freedom of driving an electric vehicle.

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